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• All pilots should go through a naming ceremony.

• Callsigns should be decided as a squadron using a voting system.

• Callsigns may be awarded by personality traits, flight mishaps, or             another off-putting event.

• All callsigns must abide by VNAO community standards.

• Callsigns may not directly speak down on a member, nor may they          speak down on a squadron.

• Callsigns may not be requested, suggested, or chosen by the member    receiving the callsign.

• If you don’t like your callsign, great! You get to keep it,

• A vote for a callsign may be started for any reason. An effort to involve    the entire squadron should be made.

• A hostile re-naming of a member may be held if it is believed they             have rightfully deserved a new callsign for better or worse.

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